Plan Ahead

So this year with two active little ones who love the outdoors I have decided to “get a jump start” on a few things (mostly meal prep at this point). I think the warmer weather here has inspired me to do so since feeding my family nutritious meals is something I really strive to do most nights. I need to be ahead of the game! If my memory serves me right last Spring/Summer I was constantly scrounging around after days at the park and days on the boat for “quick meals” (not always the most healthy).

My plan….stock the deep freeze!!

Yesterday, I browned approximately 5 lbs of ground beef, measured it (1-1 1/2 lbs ea.) in freezer ziplock bags. I intend to buy a little extra ground beef over the coming weeks and again do the same (working within my regular grocery budget I might add). One less step when throwing together tacos, sloppy joes, and chilies! I made a meatloaf and some meatballs (I always have homemade meatballs on hand!!) I then tucked both of these away in the freezer for a “quick pop it in the oven night” too. Perfect in just a couple hours I already have enough for 5 quick “throw together” meals and it is only March.

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  1. Ktown says:

    Jen – That is a great idea – I need to start doing that as well. The main reason I haven’t is because I’m not really sure what will freeze and reheat well. I love to make tomato sauce and freeze it so I should just make a tons of meatballs too and freeze together. Maybe this will help motivate me too! ~Karen

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