Do you ever wish you could change your name “Mommy”? Well, that was me yesterday my two daughters have blessed me in so many ways, but as we moms know sometimes those blessings are hard to count when kids are screaming, middle of the night feedings, and temper tantrums in public. My day started off at 4:00AM with feeding my 5 week old at which point I decided to shower bc. my husband is away fishing for the weekend. Only to step foot in the shower and hear my 3 year old yell “Mommy, I have to go potty.” I knew at that exact moment I was going to be in trouble the rest of the day. The day proceeded with a 5 min shower, two napless children, and one crabby Mama…..

Despite what the day may bring our way as mothers we love our kids and will conquer the day with great strength to be the best Mommy we can be!!

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  1. Emily says:

    Some days I may not be the ‘best’ mommy I can be, but if nobody dies or I don’t have to use duct tape, then I think I’m at least as successful as that day will allow.–Emily

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