How to Paint; The Art of Parenthood

It’s Friday y’all …

It when I occasionally break from the norm and practice my art. It’s a time for me to let the thoughts flow and the planning fly out the window. It’s a time to gather with friends write unedited for 5 minutes – on a given prompt and hit the publish key for the world to see. Join us!
Today’s word is- paint 
“It’s a girl” 
From the time of conception to delivery we paint a picture in our mind of what parenthood  looks like. Images flow through our minds like water rushing down stream. We envision their hair color, eyes, and gentle temperament . We paint this picture of absolute beauty. 
No one paints the picture of the toddler throwing a huge temper tantrum in the corner or the fifth cup of milk spilled on the table. 
We make art with our imaginations and paint that perfect picture time in time again. However, I think it’s how we regroup and respond when the art gets messy that matters most. 
I personally never painted a picture of food sensitivities, food intolerances, and food allergies. My canvas gets messy way more than what I ever thought it would. The sky gets painted gray when I imagined blue  – but, at the end of the we find ourselves surprised by parenthood. 
We laugh when we want to cry. We survive the things we didn’t think we could-and, we sometimes throw paint at the wall hoping just a few specs of our words will stick throughout our children’s lives. 
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