The other day my littlest one woke up from a nap as I was heading up the stairs from switching laundry (as always) my oldest said “mommy I’ll get her”. All was quiet, a few giggles, and then I walked into the baby’s room to find “2” munchkins in the crib!! Pumpkin climbed in and was playing with K.Bear. How did she get in? Of coarse she couldn’t get out and needed help….which included whining….complaining…”I’m stuck”…….carry on… carry on..

This past week I was flying solo my hubby was away on business and I had a list of things a mile long to accomplish, juggle, and tackle. I was brought back to this crib incident frequently throughout the week and thinking how ironic it is that when my oldest needs help with something I’m quick to say “just ask for h-e-l-p” but at what point do we as mothers think we can “do it ourselves”?

I am a stubborn, do it myself, thanks for the offer, big plans…kinda gal and when I ask for help that must mean I really need it or I might lose my marbles. I’m happy to say with a little help from our wonderful neighbors I accomplished, survived, and enjoyed most of my week. A few bed time agggghhhhhhsss….but for the most part success!!

The to do list is still … 10 miles long but someday it will get done!! And yes, that is my oldest with a paci in her mouth goofing around!! 🙂


  1. mimi says:

    Flying solo and asking for help can be so hard. I have such a hard time asking for help….but I hate flying solo as well. Hope your weekend is great!!

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