Grain Free Tortilla (doubles as a) Crepe Recipe

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We have used mainly two gluten-free tortilla brands since changing our family’s diet a few years back–our favorite being Udi’s. However, these do contain potato starch–therefore, they are not nightshade free. I needed an alternative for our little guy and this recipe has been the perfect answer to my Mexican dish dilemma. 

Grain Free Tortilla Recipe (doubles as a) Crepe Recipe

Yields: 6-8 small/medium tortillas

Ingredients –
 ½ C Coconut Flour
5 Eggs (or 8 large egg whites)
½ tsp. Baking Soda
¾ C Water *
Pinch Salt (optional)
Coconut oil (for pan frying)

Instructions –
1. Whisk all ingredients together in a bowl making sure there are no lumps.
2. Preheat a small nonstick skillet over medium heat
3. Place about 1 tsp. coconut oil in the pan. Swirl around to coat.
4. Pour about 3 tablespoons of the batter into the pan; tipping the pan from side to side to evenly distribute the batter (this will produce an even, thin tortilla). DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FLIP TORTILLA UNTIL YOU ARE SURE THE FIRST SIDE IS GOLDEN BROWN – OTHERWISE IT WILL TEAR.
5. Once first side is golden brown, flip tortilla over and brown on opposite side.
6. Remove to plate and repeat process with remaining batter.

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* If a thinner shell is preferred, add a bit more water to thin the batter.

NOTE: These can be made ahead, separated by parchment paper, and stored in a gallon sized zip-lock bag until ready to use (just reheat when you need them!)

** Crepe Alternative – Add 2 Tbls. Honey to the batter and a 1/4 C. more water; Fill crepe with mixed berry puree and top with powdered sugar.


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