Ice Cream Garbage Bowl

January is well upon us and when all else fails eat “Ice Cream”!! Well, that motto works in my family at least. This year has thrown us a few curve balls as the new year always has a tendency to do so for my family. We have had some really bad days, some good days, and we have some new adventures up and coming!!

In order to rid our house of the insane amount of holiday candy, cookies, etc. we all made a “garbage sundae” with all the fixings. Can you say yummy? We added sprinkles, caramel, chocolate syrup, M&M’s, little candy’s, crushed cookies, and basically anything that was sitting around left over from the holidays. What didn’t go in the bowl went in the garbage!! What a great way to get rid of all of those half eaten bags of unnecessary junk food.

Pumpkin is in deep thought. I know in her mind she was trying to figure out how to make it last!!

Now onto business;

I have recently switched from SAHM to WAHM…now I say that but truth, is I don’t think I have ever really stopped working since I had children. I have cleaned houses, created businesses, sold on Etsy, babysat, this that and 100 other things to make a few extra dollars. I am blessed to not necessarily “have to” work, but I think it is just in my blood. I do not know any different. Interestingly enough, I do not typically go “find” work it always seems to “find” me.

This year two very exciting opportunities have “found me”and I’m excited to share them with all of you!! I am working for my Dad’s Real-Estate firm and I will also be taking on an up and coming freelance writing position.

More details to come!!