Ice Cream Garbage Bowl

January is well upon us and when all else fails eat “Ice Cream”!! Well, that motto works in my family at least. This year has thrown us a few curve balls as the new year always has a tendency to do so for my family. We have had some really bad days, some good days, and we have some new adventures up and coming!!

In order to rid our house of the insane amount of holiday candy, cookies, etc. we all made a “garbage sundae” with all the fixings. Can you say yummy? We added sprinkles, caramel, chocolate syrup, M&M’s, little candy’s, crushed cookies, and basically anything that was sitting around left over from the holidays. What didn’t go in the bowl went in the garbage!! What a great way to get rid of all of those half eaten bags of unnecessary junk food.

Pumpkin is in deep thought. I know in her mind she was trying to figure out how to make it last!!

Now onto business;

I have recently switched from SAHM to WAHM…now I say that but truth, is I don’t think I have ever really stopped working since I had children. I have cleaned houses, created businesses, sold on Etsy, babysat, this that and 100 other things to make a few extra dollars. I am blessed to not necessarily “have to” work, but I think it is just in my blood. I do not know any different. Interestingly enough, I do not typically go “find” work it always seems to “find” me.

This year two very exciting opportunities have “found me”and I’m excited to share them with all of you!! I am working for my Dad’s Real-Estate firm and I will also be taking on an up and coming freelance writing position.

More details to come!!

Ringing in the New Year!

To ring in 2011 this year we went to my parents house for a BIG family sleep over. The guys and my oldest nephew attended a NHL Red Wing hockey game. While the women and little ones stayed behind for some make over FUN!!!
O.K, so Mr. Smiles did not have a make over, but he was happy to hang out with the ladies and his cousin J.J

My little K.Bear wanted to paint her own toe nails…ugh! This was not the first time I let her do this, but I must confess the last time was outside and a lot less stressful. Something about bright pink nail polish, a 2 year old, and a white floor can be REALLY scary!! Luckily, we had an old table cloth to lay out…just in case!!

Check out those toes!!

Pumpkin had been looking forward to our “family sleepover” for days…it was hard to contain her excitement at times. She tried out her blush brush…in an attempt to cover the nasty scratch K.Bear gave her earlier in the day. We have to work on Pumpkins defense….the poor girl is so passive and sweet it is hard for her to ‘fight back’. In the mean time…our continued efforts of discipline for K.bear at times can be very trying and tiring. She is one cute little stinker…who is very familiar with her room, the corner, a rug, spanking, and our most said phrase in our home “listen and obey!”

The girls pose for a quick picture showing off their glimmer and shine make up!!

and…the little man wants to say a quick “Hello”!!

After the little ones went to bed…it was time for Pumpkin and Mommy to try out the Wii Active….O’WOW I have not worked out in a LONNNNG time…after about 10 min of squats a lot of laughs and a sore butt for the 2 days following. Im glad I did it and might look at joining the workout world again in the near future. In my spare time that is (wink, wink)!!

So in a nut shell that is how we spent our New Year..sleeping everywhere in my parents house…laughing, eating, and just enjoying some family time. Although, I do not know what 2011 holds for me or my family…one thing is certain we will be TOGETHER!!
From my family to yours Happy New Year!!
My little man, JR, and JJ (my nephews)

12 Months of Bliss Challenge

The New Year is off and running and I have decided that this year instead of making a “resolution” that is sure to be broken in no time I am going to try something a bit different for 2010. Im hoping some of you will join me in doing the same!!!

I am going to set a monthly goal….something for me to work on, work toward, and/or strive for!! These will be different each month and I hope to share them with all of you to help hold me accountable!! Will call it “12 months of bliss”!!

January’s Goal is “focus”…I am going to work on focusing more on my priorities!! What is important? What can go by the way side? What sucks up most of my valuable time in a day? How can my time be more efficiently used?

In my mission to “focus” I will also explore with who do I want to spend time with..who is important in my life…how should my God given days be spent?

Some of these I can answer now of coarse…but it is not all about answers it is about doing!! Walking the path…doing the act….making it happen!!! It is easy to get caught up in life’s day to day chaos losing sight of who, what, and where we are going.

I am super excited to embark on this journey and “focus” on the things in my life that REALLY matter…not the he said, she said….should of ….would of….could of…..put the rubber to the rubber to the road and lets get moving!!!