From baby to big boy!!

Mr. Smiles is in a toddler bed  he is doing great and we couldn’t be more proud of our little man!

 He is 18 months going on “3” (at least). He wants nothing more than to be like the big kids. When mommy walked in to find him horizontal on the front of the crib it was time to take down the rail. He is our youngest crib to bed transitioner (is that a word?) but so far so good.

He has even mastered the in and out! Naps are a bit more tricky these days as the toys in his room are ever so tempting. However, Im happy to say when the sleepy sand starts to come…our smart little guy will make his way into his bed for a snooze! Nice job buddy 🙂

 Keep up the good work!! Love, Mommy and Daddy

O’yes, and the stats on our man;
Tooth number 9 is popping through as of today
Weighing in at 23lbs (10-25%)
Height 32 inches (50%)
Say’s Momma, Dadda, T, Nonna, Papa, Ball, Uh-O, Santa, Tree, and sign language of coarse (our saving grace with all of our kids!)
Loves; his sisters, balls, trains, trucks, to eat, and play babies with his big sisters 🙂