Organized Labeling

I have been busy trying to get organized with Spring well upon us and more time spent outside I feel like the inside of my house is going to take a beating this Summer!! The more prep work I can get done between now and then the better. We do not have a big home by any means and the closets are incredibly tiny (they need to serve many purposes) I have changed the function of our 2 linen closets probably about 20x’s since we have lived here (5 almost 6 years). I figured
I would share with you my latest closet organization mission….labels!! I have bins for most everything (adult meds, kids meds, make-up, etc.) this by far has been the best organization system I have had so far. Although things are quite crammed in there anyone who comes over can visibly see where they can quickly grab a band-aid!

Below is my other linen closest now converted into “school” closet. We do not have a “school” room in our house (let alone anywhere to store all of the stuff). I literally have “school” scattered about and pray someday I will have one place for it all. However, for now this will have to work!

So if you have a black hole in your house that is just messy and serving no purpose; or maybe you have a space in your home in need of change I challenge you to think outside of the box! The funniest part of all of this is both of these closets used to be full of linens: who seriously needs that many towels?