A “Mission”

So we have had a lot going on lately. A new mission project, St. Patrick’s day fun, and of coarse Pumpkins favorite Barbie time.

First, I thought I would share our “Mission” with you! In an attempt to teach Pumpkin a new lesson of giving to others I came up with an idea of doing a bottle/can drive for a pregnancy clinic (since I gave birth to her sister she is obsessed with babies and where they come from). She is my future midwife or OB in the making! I simply typed up a quick note to a few friends and family and voila we had a mini bottle drive! We raised almost $15 dollars for the clinic and filled a baby bottle with all of our money from the cans. This was a great lesson on recycling, counting/money recognition, and giving all in one!

She of coarse loved putting the money in the bottle…(we had to do this several times) because it was so much fun.

The finished product and ready for delivery! She was into the bottle but did not want to sit up for a picture. What I wouldn’t give to be 31/2 again!!!