Behind the Scenes; Packing for Paradise

It’s a party! Nope it’s just a typical Sunday with the ’12’ of us! Most of our weekends are spent out on the lake with friends and family.

There is good food, drinks, fellowship, and lots of laughs to be had by all. It is a time to kick back and relax with the family. It is when my family connects and truly takes the time to enjoy each others company. The fresh scent of the Summer  air, the cool evening breeze, the mouth watering s’mores, breath taking sunsets, and many afternoons spent fishing are just a few God sent bonuses of Summers on the island. 
What you do not see on these weekend getaway pictures is the countless hours of prep! The food prep; oh, the food prep! With so many food issues this in itself is not easy. The endless loads of laundry to wash, fold, and pack/re-pack. You also don’t hear the sound of over tired children and their ‘off routine’ bedtime drama. 
Regardless, of the prepping hurdles and bumps along the way. With one in nature is exactly where we are suppose to be. Enjoying each others company and soaking up all that God created. Leaving the mess at home and the ‘undone’ aside. It is not easy for this ‘get it done’ perfectionist mother of four, but oh, so necessary! Dreams are not built by watching and memories are not made without putting forth the effort either. So are you going to stand by the way side and just let life happen? Or are you going to join me in putting the ‘undone’ aside and make some memories this Summer!!
Join me and some blogger friends as we show you the ‘Behind the Scenes‘ …no fluff, raw truth, behind all of those ‘perfect’ Instagram pictures.