“Me” dicine

Our days have been filled with shear chaos to put it mildly. I am still having dizzy episodes and now this past weekend I was diagnosed with shingles. Preschool is well under way, homeschooling is going great, and we are enjoying all that life has to offer. However, I am starting to think it is a bit much! I know I have been saying that for awhile. “Somethings got to go” but my health doesn’t seem to be getting any better and the Drs. can’t seem to figure out what is going on so…time for some “me” dicine of my own!! Could it be stress? Over exhaustion? Years of sleep deprivation? Who knows …..

What I do know is apparently when we don’t listen to God the first time he will speak louder! Well, I got the message (I hope) slow down, ask for help, say “no” to myself, say “no” to others, simplify life, and re-organize my priorities. All of those things are easy to type but not a single one is easy to fulfill.

One of my good friends put it best “this ought to be interesting …in all the years I have known you …you have never done just one thing”. We were laughing and make fun of it of coarse. I can be pretty crazy at times!! (I’m sure I’m not the only one out there like this…I hope!) However, what a true statement that was “I have never done just one thing”. Since I turned 16 I have always had multiple jobs, served in multiple volunteer positions, done mission trips, over committed myself, and virtually have lived my life serving and pleasing others. I think although those are all good things God truly does want us to think of ourselves too at times.

Have you taken any “Me” dicine lately? This is surely going to be a process and if anyone is in the same or similar boat to me I would love to have company :). After all misery loves company right? I say that lightheartedly because although I know asking for help, change, and a few other minor adjustment are necessary this will truly be torture for me.

I started this weekend if someone offered help…I didn’t push away for the first time EVER I said “OK”. I delegated, accepted meals, and anything else that came my way. I surely am not a pity party person and HATE for people to feel sorry for me. However, as another friend told me this weekend “in order to be a good giver you also need to be a good receiver”.

I leave you with that thought there is surely much more to come in this new journey of life. For the first time in a long time… it is “me” time! O’boy that was even hard to type let alone accept!!

Lifes Many Hurdles

So for all my friends and family that know me personally most of you know I was the number one worst computer student in high school and college for that matter. I could crash entire systems without even tying and make the biggest “oops” on almost any computer. To be honest, I have been so awful with them in my past I’m surprised I even use one to this day! So I’m happy to say I think most of you would agree I have made great strides with my “computer hurdle” and skills.

While I was thinking about what to write this morning I began to think of all the other “hurdles” we mothers face in our “journey of motherhood”. The little “hurdles” first diaper changes, lost pacifiers in the night, the best way to introduce foods to our little ones, surviving a crawling infant, a walking toddler, and first boo-boo’s the list is virtually endless. We conquer many “hurdles” without even realizing it. We simply chug along!

What I am finding to be true is as so many wise mothers with older children have told me “Little kids little problems; Big kids big problems”. Yes, my children are still very small but as their mother I do feel it is my God given duty to protect them, raise them to be good loving individuals, work hard, love themselves, love God, and grab a hold of all that life has to offer. Now those “hurdles” aren’t seeming so small!!