Why Homeschool?


It’s not very often that I “write” thoughts on my mind on this blog…typically I save this blog for projects, fun recipes, school assignments, and field trips with my kids.

When we first started our journey…it began just as that a “journey”, a “trial”, and “experiment” so to speak. I must say somewhere along the lines it has certainly become my passion, another love of mine, and our way of life! We are blessed with a very supportive immediate family (I know some extended relatives/friends/acquaintances who think what we are doing is an injustice to our children) That is fine, we are all entitled to our opinions. However, rest assured I have my children’s best interests at heart and NEVER intend/will “mess them up”, “hold them back”, and/or “hinder them” in anyway! Who better to teach a child than the ones who care about them most? I don’t want my kids living at home until they are 40! We will provide them the wings they need to fly and succeed while doing so.

We are blessed with SOOO many local resources; support groups, co-ops, the internet, books,  and mentors it is not hard to LOVE/WANT TO spend everyday with your kids!  The resources are there use them! I want to foster a love of learning and not fill there minds with meaningless garbage. I want to see them succeed to there fullest potential without the pressures of the world being forced upon them. I want them to love God, love themselves, family, and all creatures big and small.

So why do I say all this? I DO NOT homeschool to look for support from all. Nor would I expect it…I know homeschooling is “outside” of the “box”. It is not the “everyone is doing it” thing to do. “Hello” people, for those of you who know me personally…Im not really the “follower” type! The world is not changed by those doing the exact same thing as those before them…..

Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. If we want different results then why not do things differently?

Take risks
Believe in yourself
Pray some more!

Why Homeschool?
Daddy “Explorer” and I are both college graduates. Daddy has a degree in Business Logistics and Mommy “Explorer” has a degree in Behavioral Science. Both of us are products of the public school system. Although, Mommy did have 4 years of private school experience as well. So, why would we choose to homeschool?
(Note: These are our reasons for homeschooling and we ask that you keep comments respectful as we do not press judgment on others. This will also serve as a reference for us in times of uncertainty.)
1)      I want my children’s Godgiven talents to be encouraged, supported, and challenged by those who care about their success as individuals most (mom and dad).
2)      Socialization – I don’tneed 27 kids the same age “*socializing” my child. However, I do believe it is important for children to spend time with others the same age and that said we have taken initiative to see that our kids have enough ‘out of the home’ experiences through sports, church, co-ops, music/dance, play dates, and in providing time to explore other areas of individual interest. We will remain mindful of the importance of creating/maintaining friendships but careful not to overload their schedules.
Children need to effectively learn how to function in society while not being pressured to conform. They need to be Godly citizens, full of confidence, self reliant, and provided with the best tools for his or her success.
1 Cor 15:33 Do not be mislead: “bad company corrupts good character.”
3)   Academics– Homeschoolers have been proven to perform as good if not better than peers on standardized tests. Home education allows for one on one instruction (not 1 on 30) and children progress at their own rate. Curriculum can be tailored to better suit each child’s needs, strengths, weakness, and interests fostering a love of learning not a learning to ‘test’ life style.  “The average homeschool 8th grade student performs four grade levels above the national average (Rudner study).”
4)   Time– Today’s families have adopted a ‘do it all/have it all lifestyle’ families want the old fashion home cooked meals, family time, outside sports/extracurricular activities, perfect kids, big house, unlimited travel, and the list goes on!!! Reality check!! No one is entitled to all of these things….God has given us only so many hours in a day and it is our job to make the best of that time. Why not make the best use of our kids’ time as well? Time is after all what your kids want. They do not want all the latest and greatest toys. They do not want to be run from one activity to the next. They want to spend time with you!! Homeschooling provides an ample amount of time spent with parents eliminating many of those ‘busy’ hours in a day. A typical school child’s day might look something like this:  7.5 hours in school, 1.5 hours of daily driving time, 1 hour of homework, 1 hour of sports practice, 2-3 hours of TV, and 8 hours of sleep this leaving approx 2-3 hours in their day (not including dinner, internet usage, texting, bathroom use, and phone usage). How do I want my children’s time to be spent and with whom?
5) Opportunity– the opportunities for a homeschooled student are only limited to ones self….there is no waiting for 27 other children to ‘catch up’, technology can be bought/borrowed and explored at ones free will, ample field trip, volunteer, and hands on experiences are available in the “real world”!! Why not let them explore at their own free will?
* “The term socializationis used by sociologists, social psychologists, anthropologists, politiciansand educationaliststo refer to the process of inheriting norms, customs and ideologies. It may provide the individual with the skills and habits necessary for participating within their own society; a society itself is formed through a plurality of shared norms, customs, values, traditions, social roles, symbols and languages. Socialization is thus ‘the means by which social and cultural continuity are attained’.[1]from wikipedia

All of that said….I do not feel homeschooling is for everyone! It is NOT! Do I think you are a bad parent for sending your children to school …NOT A CHANCE (on our “bad” days BELIEVE ME I wish they were there too!) The important thing is do what works for you and your family! If you have questions please feel free to contact me!

For information on your state laws regarding homeschooling….HSLDA is a great resource!!