Wee Review

A common misconception of homeschooling is; “families homeschool because they can not afford to send their children to private school”. Although, this might seem like legitimate reasoning those who in fact do homeschool know that it is certainly not free!!

As parents you do have the freedom to spend as much or as little as you deem necessary for educating your child (learning through example and experience are among the best tools)!! Homeschooling can be done on a “shoe string budget”. That being said it can also be quite costly complete curriculum can cost $800-$1, 000 per child this killing the theory of family’s homeschool because it is cheaper.

To off set some of the costs can homeschoolers do fundraisers? We all know schools do them but what about homeschoolers? Can you raise a few extra dollars to help buy supplies for your “school”?

Upon looking through The Old Schoolhouse Store I stumbled about this Wee Book; Easy Fund-Raisers for Homeschool Organization. I am happy to say it certainly got the wheels turning. How can I help off set some of the costs of homeschooling? This little Wee Book offers great tips and concrete examples of ways to make a little extra money for your “school”. Creative ideas such as box tops for education, food fund-raisers, and websight income are all covered!!

Do you need to be a co-op? Do you need to claim the money as income on your taxes? These questions and more are all covered in Easy Fund-Raisers for Homeschool Organizations!! I hope you will check it out, be inspired, and “Happy $ Making” to you and your families!!