Fashion Challenge!!

Something happens when you become a mother your hips change (and will never go back), your hair takes on a new texture, your patience are tested to the max, you no longer think of yourself but your focus is redirected to your child, and your sense of fashion…..gets lost in the mix too!!

Motherhood it is a beautiful thing!!

Now, onto the good stuff…(deep breath) I took this picture during my cleaning frenzy days in the Spring (my closet of DOOM!). Yep, it still looks like this (amazing..) I can be so organized in some areas and such a mess in another. To be honest, between focusing on my kids wardrobe (switching seasons…out grown clothes…) and the constant laundry pile that never goes away (the last thing I want to look at is more clothes!) I hope I’m not alone in this..I would love to hear from you!!!

Well, I have officially come to a point (I think) I’m ready to face the challenge. Maybe some of you will join me? I am going to get rid of….EVERYTHING! I mean the shoes that are out of style, the belts that don’t fit over my wider more motherly hips, the shirts that some how after kids don’t seem to even touch my belly button…(how does that happen)? The purses that look like I’ve had them since 6th grade…its all going!!! I am doing a complete closet makeover….

Now, this is where the challenge comes in…we do not have a lot of money so its not like I can just blink and go buy new stuff ….and no unfortunately I wasn’t nominated for the show What Not to Wear on TLC (although if someone wanted to nominate me that would be great…LOL) I recently stumbled on some very fun resale shops in the area…(never thought I would say that). After some thought… I figured why not? I get great deals on the kids clothes at Mom 2 Mom sales so why not see what a resale/consignment shop has to offer I young mom….can you say VERY FUN!!!

So, first on the agenda…..

1) Clear it out…purging the unworn, unused, dust collecting clothes in my closet!! I will be taking some to local thrift stores/consignment stores, and good will….

2) Gather pictures of styles I like….(remember my baby brain has caused me to have this fashion brain freeze)

3) Gather Funds (I am very frugal…and do not like using money I don’t have!)

4) Shop until I drop…..

I know this is something I have to do not just for the sake of a messy closet but for some inner peace as well. I have officially become that mom that buys 4 of the same shirt just in a different color!! It is no secret when you look good you feel good!! We have all been there the day you didn’t get a shower and the entire day feels blah….its 8AM and you have been pooped, peed, and puked on!!

I think it is important to keep things in perspective. Motherhood is a season of life (a great journey at that). Why not make the best of it? I have been reading many books lately that led up to this sense of inspiration… I thought I would share a couple of my most recent;

The Duggars: 20 and Counting!: Raising One of America’s Largest Families–How they Do It
Mary Kay Ash (founder of Mary Kay cosmetics…great business book)

I hope I have inspired you in some small way to look at yourself and think….”Have I let something go?” Maybe your hair? Maybe your exercise routine? Maybe your perfect … if so I’d love to meet you! Get rid of the old…bring on the new…and take on the challenge to be the best God intended for you to be…. the best daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend!!