Anyone who knows my little sweet pea Abby knows she loves chocolate (M&M’s especially). She was having a day yesterday fell off a cement step skinned her knee, and then a little friend of hers threw a truck which smashed her pinky finger. It really did look like it hurt. Needless to say the girl drama came out of that sweet little face. She pouted in silence for a good 25 minutes. She sat at the park with her head down fighting back tears of devastation. “How could somebody hurt me like that?” She pondered on the park bench!

Well, I could clearly see she was done playing at the park so we walked home. As we walked through the door she said; “Mama, I want an Aunt Jean cookie” a Ritz Cracker dipped in mint chocolate (they are yummy!!) I proceeded to tell her not until after dinner. To which she replied; “But I need chocolate it will make me feel better!” Who could say no to that….Chocolate is the girls best friend and she is only 3!! Well, its a close second to waffles…more on that later 🙂