4 Girls

That’s right 4 girls…under 4!! I have recently started watching my friends two little girls (4 and 2) a couple days a week and in keeping with our school schedule (2-4 days) I have decided to have the girls join us for some of our “school” time. I have been using a weekly theme (mostly for planning purposes) . If you see the right column of the blog (Wee News) that is where I will be posting the theme and any special notes to go along with our special time with our friends. The girls have enjoyed many activities the past couple weeks. They have made pictures of themselves focusing on “family”.

Little song;
Some families are BIG
Some families are Small
BUT, I love my family most of all!!

We have enjoyed some free play of coarse (Barbie, ball tent, dolls, kitchen, puzzles, the list is endless)

Here the girls enjoy a game or two of Cranium Hullabaloo
…for those of you that don’t know what this game is it is like modern day twister with shapes, colors, and sounds. It is always a big hit at our house.

This past week we also focused on food/nutrition a bit. We painted with celery and did the old food color “drink”. It worked perfectly…as you can see our celery was REALLY thirsty. Each of the girls got to pick a color for their celery (help make the water mixture) on Tuesday and then on Thursday we got to observe the change (red, blue, and green…O’my).

Here we are painting our “C” for celery and yes we are indeed painting with it too. Thanks to Teaching Tiny Tots for this fun idea. I wasn’t sure what to do with all my celery anyways 🙂

And a day couldn’t be complete without a fun lunch to go along with it…stay tune for more fun lunches!

(Bears in a Garden) aka. 3 cheese grilled cheese w/tomato, bear celery boats, and what garden doesn’t have ants?

(The Dipper) Peanut butter and many dippings (or is that fixings?)
i.e crackers, pretzels, apples, bananas, and celery