Belated Fathers Day!!

When thinking of the word “Dad” or “Father”..What do you think of?

Chances are you think of your own…probably some crazy memory, some old saying, a habit he has/or had, a hobby he does….I hope this past Father’s Day you spent some time reflecting on your own Dad and appreciating his many talents, blessings, and gifts that he has shown you….

This fathers Day we enjoyed a day on the boat we spent the night Sat. and had a quiet morning playing, drinking coffee, and just hanging out on the water. It was very nice! As the mom I did feel bad as though fathers day got over looked being out there…

No homemade breakfast…heck, no dinner for that matter (we got back to late)

I forgot the card….way to go mommy…LOL (those of you that know me…this is not some new occurrence in our home!)

However, a day with the family without the fuss…is really what we enjoyed….that’s really what its about anyways..isn’t it?

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!!


  1. Alicia says:

    Hi Jenny!! It still sounds like you had a very nice, relaxing father’s day! I’m sure your hubby was blessed! Oh..and don’t feel too bad, I didn’t even get my husband a card!!! LOL

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