Watch “US” Grow wk8/9, and the Big “2”

Can you say “WOW”? Life has been absolutely crazy…Mr.Smile’s is over 2 months old already :(, my baby girl Boo just turned “2” , and the little Pumpkin is almost 5!! Time is flying by!! We recently celebrated the girls 2nd and 5th Birthdays (Pumpkin a bit early)…and for a “BIG” surprise we rented a fire truck that serves frozen custard. Yes, a real truck!!! We had 17 kids under 5 at our house (we do not have a big house) sooooo a big “Thank You God” for making it a gorgeous and memorable event!!
Boo does not always do well with crowds and is very easily overwhelmed she spent most of the day in Mommy’s arms or near by.

Pumpkin on the other hand could not wipe the smile off her face!! Awww…to be “5” again..she was one happy little girl!! She got to spend the day with all her friend, have a real fire truck show up at her house, eat all the frozen custard she wanted, open presents (even though we said don’t bring any…no on listened!!), and just run around like a kid!! Mommy and Daddy couldn’t have wished for anything more for their sweet little girls (although we do wish Boo showed a little more enthusiasm). I’m sure she will when she turns “5” 🙂 If my memory serves me correctly on Pumpkins 2nd B-day she only opened 2 gifts and made it a week long event!!

Yes, there was even a Dalmatian!!
Now onto my little man :)!!! Sorry buddy but week 8 is a bit of a blur and few pictures were taken but I did manage to sneak a few in there!! Your hair is looking a bit red? hmmm…maybe more like Mommy’s?? Eyes are still blue…and eating like a champ!! In your spare time you like to read books (see below), ham it up for the camera, and giggle!! Yes, you giggle!!

The floor is one of Mr. Smiles favorite places to lay. Unfortuantely, this only happens on rare occasions (when big sister Boo is not around) she loves to squeeze and poke!! Not a good combo!!
9 Weeks Mr. Smiles!!
Full of life and full of smiles 🙂
“3 Little Monkeys” enjoying a little R&R with Daddy!! 

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