Watch Me Grow Wk 3

Well my little man is now 3 weeks old….

I have enjoyed him sooo much!! I realized I have very few pictures of him awake because when he is awake he is nursing and when he is not nursing Im taking pictures of him sleeping! The little guy enjoyed his first trip to the zoo….well I’m not so sure he enjoyed it he slept through most of it. Big sister Pumpkin and big sister Boo certainly did enjoy themselves though. The weather was gorgeous; 70’s, sunny, with a cool breeze….I probably would have slept too if I could have!

I’ve decided boy clothes are very shall I say ‘blah’ everything is blue, white, red, yellow, and green. Everything is simple, simple, simple… any chance I get Im putting the little guy in cute outfits with hats to spice things up a bit!! He might not think this is so cute down the road so believe me I’m taking full advantage of it now 🙂

Can you say BUSTED!!!

So yes, I did catch him with his thumb in his mouth but I have not seen it since…I actually thought it was super sweet even though the thought of breaking that habit made my stomach turn. The Peanut is recognizing our voices and smiling nearly on cue…I love his little giggles and snorts when he is dreaming….he is wearing mostly 0-3 mo clothes and growing like a weed!! He still has his baby acne and the heat these past few days (90 plus degrees) is certainly not helping!!

We love you little man and love watching you grow!!

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  1. The MWB says:

    How precious. I hope you use a good service to make your blog into a hardcover book so your children can read all of your thoughts and memories when they are adults. These pictures are just priceless. :o)

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