Watch Me Grow 4 wks

1 month old already!! I can’t believe it….time certainly does fly the older one gets!! As a child it seemed like a year could last forever now it seems as though one year quickly leads to the next….

We did it…finally took you on the boat that is!! What a trooper we went out 2 days in a row and even got stuck in a storm on the second day. You slept great, ate wonderfully, and just enjoyed the fresh air. A true water baby already!!

Catching some more zzzzz’s as the air off the lake blows threw the windows of the boat. O’how I love that little sweet heart mouth and those squeezable cheeks of yours!!

Finally, another picture with your eyes open 🙂 when you are awake you are eating and when your not eating you are sleeping. O’the life of a new born!!

The booster seat in our kitchen is one of the only “safe” places big sister Boo can’t get to you easily. Boo loves to squeeze and poke you….Mommy and Daddy must watch her every minute!!! Big sister Pumpkin is starting to get a bit more confident in holding you so Mommy has a feeling there will be some close eyes on her in the near future as well.

Enjoying a little bath time!! This was your first bath in the big tub…thus far we have bathed you in the sink!! However, your getting a bit long to fit in there these days and not to mention you are very slippery when wet!!

It has been a blast watching you this past month grow into a little person…you love to be held and cuddle lots (at times this makes it very difficult to get much of anything else done around the house). Mommy tries to enjoy these moments as I know they too will go by quickly. Boo’s new word is “fuss” if that says anything.. 🙂 You have turned over a number of times from your tummy to your back (mostly out of anger) but none the less it has been funny watching such a little baby roll….

Keep on rolling baby…because there are many, many more milestones to come!!

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