Toilet Pond?

As I was down stairs (rinsing out dirty diapers) yesterday; my darling husband was outside working, and the girls were upstairs “playing” !! It was not until I came around the corner that my 3 year old giggling non-stop says “ummmmm ummm ummm K’s in the potty”. Racing to the bathroom to see what the little stinker has done….to find a toilet paper covered (almost 1 yr. old) and water everywhere. I still can not figure out who did what or how!! They sure did think it was funny though!!!

I know Im not the first Mom to ever have a playing in the potty story but Im just thankful the water was clean or I would have freaked out!!


  1. Dear Abbi says:

    Too funny! My nephew recently got into the same mischief…only the toilet wasn’t as clean!! I gagged so hard when my sister called to tell me what happened! They are too much!

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