Spring/Science Fun

So as I type this post about our wonderful school week continuing with our Spring theme and diving into science there is snow on the ground….aghhhh! I just had to get that out. I am anxiously waiting the warmer weather for walks, park days, hanging laundry outside, and open windows! I feel better now, Thanks 🙂

Now, onto school we made colored ice cubes! Pumpkin loved doing this (she loves anything to do with water). We learned about liquids, solids, and colors all in one!

1 ice cube tray
food coloring
something to stir with (we used a tsp.)
measuring cup

Here Pumpkin is stirring the colors very carefully (I don’t even think she realized I took this picture)

Here is our pretty tray of what soon would be colored “solids” We made them on Tueday but did not use them until Thursday. When I pulled the colors out of the freezer the excitement began all over again. It was great!

Thursday, I pulled the tray out of the freezer and set out 3 glass cups. Pumpkin could pick 2 ice cubes for each cup and we anxiously waited to see what “new colors” would appear. She was thrilled that Red + Blue = Purple “her favorite”

We put Popsicle sticks in a coffee to-go mug (this lasted about 5 seconds) we counted as she put them in (1-20).

and we enjoyed a quick game of ABC BINGO!!

Onto our next science project “Kidney Bean Sprouts” we counted 8 kidney beans (4 for each baby food jar). We used our new Life Cycles Mats to show the entire process.

Pumpkin shoved a damp paper towel into baby food jars. Carefully put 4 kidney beans in each jar and sealed the lid.
Here is our science “bean plant” Life Cycle Mat!!

Hope you enjoyed our “school” week as much as “Wee” did!!

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