Meet Flika the Frog

 After a “blogging” vacation we are back!! Not only are we back, but we have a new member of the family. 
Meet Flicka the Frog!!

We have been busy “plowing” through school with approximately 10 days left of Kindergarten …we are looking forward to a summer filled with science exploration! After a lot a reading, contemplating, and talking it was decided that a “dwarf frog” would be a great “starter” pet for Pumpkin. It was evident that she wanted a little pet of her own and we have been looking at purchasing some animal life cycle kits from HERE anyways.

So for now we have the frog, and in the future we will likely have little tadpoles. You ask why in that order? Since Pumpkin really wanted a pet, I could not bare her disappointment should none of her tadpoles turn into little frogs. Now, in the future if our “science experiment” goes smoothly she may just end up with a few new friends…

Boo has a request for a “ladybug house” so that is also on the list of coming soon…until then she too is enjoying our “hopping little buddy” Flicka!

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