How to Grow a Berry Garden and 5 Benefits of Berries

How to Grow a Berry Garden, Strawberries, Blackberries, Rasperries,

How to Grow Your Own Berry Garden

After years of growing flower gardens in our tiny suburban backyard we eventually decided to covert them into berry gardens. As our family has grown over the years so has my desire to provide organic homegrown food for our family of six. 

Not really knowing what we were doing at first and fumbling through along the way after 7+ years I think, we finally have things down pat. 

Yielding nearly 4-5 freezer gallon size ziplock bags full every summer- I think we have successfully converted our once flower oasis into a mini piece of heaven that provides nutritious food for our family all year long and still looks beautiful. 

From homemade jams to berry crisps the sweet aroma of homegrown fruit is never far away at our homestead. 

Sharing some of my thoughts, experiences, and suggestions today to help get you get started- for the full story keep reading HERE 

Today I am guest posting over at The Little Backyard Farm so be sure to stop by and say “hi”-while you are there also be sure to check out Monika’s beautiful garden tour.

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