How To Crochet Your Life Story

It was once said to me; “the story you are suppose to write is the one that brings tears to your eyes” and moves your soul into action. We can fight it all day long but in the end the words just keep coming. The mangled pieces of the puzzle all begin to make perfect sense.

We all have a story the one that starts off as a sweet baby girl or boy in his/her mothers arms, and eventually becomes a pile of threads waiting to be woven into something beautiful. 

We go through life experiencing joy and making memories. We raise our kids with nothing but the best of intentions. However, at the end of the day we are all sinners. We fail, make mistakes, and ask for forgiveness. We are sinners raising little imperfect sinners; no wonder life gets so frustrating sometimes. No one has it together. I repeat, no one! 

Our days whirl and twirl about. We live our life and at the end of each day we have added another thread to our life story. A story that waits to be shared. 

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