We have been enjoying our Fall and Pumpkin is already talking endlessly about Christmas!! O’how I love these ages!! The curious minds, the busy little bodies, the excitement and joy in my kids eyes just makes me smile.

However, this time of year I dread being stuck in doors in the cold, damp, gray weather!! My girls love the outdoors..digging in dirt, swinging outside, playing in water, and just running free!! Although, I do have to say the cuddling, movie/pop corn nights, and just the shear togetherness that this time of year brings is very nice too!! I guess that’s why God gives us seasons…just as we are tired of one and feeling exhausted…”boom” time for a change.

I keep saying “this is going to be a long winter”. We have many friend who have already been sick and are currently sick….and the cold weather has just begun!! I am going to plan for the worst and hope for the best. So I have added yet another “to do” on my never ending “to do” list I have decided to make up some “sick day” “blah day” busy bins for those days you are stuck in doors with no clue what to do!!

Stay tune in November for a big announcement!!


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