Dirt, Digging, and Cupcakes!

O’how I’m not a fan of the the quick catch up but the weather has been beautiful and we have been taking full advantage of it while it lasts. Word on the street is it will be back in the 30’s by next week :(!! We have added new members to our ever growing family “pet rocks”….can you say ‘whoooo hooo’…a low maintenance and inexpensive pet!! Pumpkin has been busy learning about “living vs. non-living things” and I thought this was a perfect time to welcome a pet rock into our home. We went on a hike, painted them, and of coarse made them cozy beds complete with pillows/blankets.

The sand box has been a huge hit this year with both girls..however with another baby on the way (a boy) Im thinking the tiny turtle is just not going to cut it any longer!! Time for an upgrade!!! These girls love to dig!!

What day would not be complete without a sink bath? For Boo this is almost an everyday occurrence. The amount of dirt, syrup, food in her hair, and miscellaneous mess that this little one can have stuck to her body amazes me 🙂 Boo is pretty tiny for 19 mo old…so I’m just thrilled I don’t have to fill the tub every time she needs a good scrub down!!!

Our wonderful Aunt Alisa made rainbow cupcakes for us to eat on St.Patty’s day. These were a big hit with the girls. That’s not all, our awesome Auntie Heather made us green jello…what a sugar rush of a week!!

Boo is a taste tester…. she dips a finger in first before diving in!!! She is one smart cookie!!

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