Did you know…?

Did you know that the “Music Man” that comes down our street doesn’t actually just play music?

Yep, the cat is out of the bag…Pumpkin broke the news to me the other night….

Pumpkin: “Mommy, its not really just a music man he sells ice cream too!”
Me: “Really?!”
Pumpkin: “full of giggles”

I guess it was time she is 41/2 ….so I did what any nice mommy would do and promised her an ice cream the next time the truck went down our street!! Let me tell you Pumpkins hearing is just fine….you have never seen a little girl so excited….

Of coarse I grabbed the camera …
Here is Pumpkin waiting ever so patiently to get her first ice cream off the truck..

She picked a chocolate covered (of coarse) ice cream ..paid the man $1.50 and her smile could have lit up a room….she just kept saying “I just don’t know how we caught the ice cream man mommy”!!

Here is our proud girl enjoying every last bit of her ice cream careful not to waste any ….nor get any on her pretty dress.

Be sure to stay tune for future ice cream adventures!!


  1. Carrie Cooper says:

    Carrie @ comfortedbyGod.blogspot.com

    I stumbled across your blog–totally cute pics. I grew up in the country so we never had an ice cream man driving down our rock road. My kids live in a neighborhood and it just seems like background noise now. Thanks for reminding me of a precious childhood moment. Very sweet!

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