Watch Me Grow!!

Yes, Peanut is my 3rd baby in less than 5 years so in my attempt to capture those special moments….this baby is going digital!! Sad to say I have not printed a single picture of this little guy….but have taken well over 150 in less than 2 weeks….

Here he is 1 week old and sleeping like an angel!! Still doing 2-4 hour stretches…nursing like a champ…and quite the little cuddle bug 🙂

Peanut sleeps in Mommy and Daddy’s room snug as a bug in a cozy bassinet handed down from his Great Aunt Karen. This bassinet has been used by 3 second cousins, 2 siblings, 1 friend, and 1 cousin….and still looks amazing!! Peanut sleeps so quietly that he will likely be in our room for quite sometime….unlike big sister K.Bear who got the “boot” at 2 weeks old!!

Our little man is now 2 weeks old (tear)!!! He has a touch of baby acne…the first of our children to ever have this…poor little guy!! Peanut weighs probably a good 9lbs (we weighed him using Daddy’s fishing scale)!!

Baby Blues….nope not me!! Im talking about Peanuts eyes 🙂 they still look blue?!? Yes, this could change but it would be neat to have one blue eyed baby!! Either way those eyes are big just like his sisters!!! We are out of newborn diapers…onto size 1’s and cloth!!! Yep, bring on those Fuzzy Bunz!!! Peanut is even growing out of some of his newborn clothes already (another tear!!)….I have a feeling my baby boy is going to grow up very fast!!

Hope you have enjoyed the latest in our “boy adventure” and we look forward to sharing more with you soon!!