Up and Moving!

Finally after 5 days of looking like this!!!

Boo has not moved off the couch in days. She has eaten nothing but a bagel and drank only water. This poor girl has been the sickest I have ever seen her (she has actually been the sickest any of my children have ever been) poor baby!! High fever, throwing up, coughing, the list goes on….

I’m happy to report that she has at least gotten of the couch for a bit of play time!! Her sassy attitude is returning and other than a bit of “girl drama” she looks like she is on the road to recovery. I am just praying everyone else stays healthy!! We do have a bit of a croupy cough going around here too but tis’the season!! Croupy cough I can handle…fevers, throwing, up and the other…no thank you!!