Growing Your Online Presence Getting Noticed in A Noisy World

Growing Your Online Presence
Last year was full of changes- from our big move to the country to starting my own business; there wasn’t a minute that went by that I didn’t have multiple plates spinning simultaneously. And yes, there were plenty of moments I questioned my sanity. I mean seriously y’all, homeschooling, running a business, growing a garden, chasing chickens…but, it’s all about balance and rhythm. As much as those plates spun – they spun in perfect harmony.

I have been creating businesses and writing business plans for as long as I can remember – from home library check out services, bike ride training {I didn’t know how to ride myself but, I was certainly going to teach someone else to do so}, hosting lemonade stands, to building a killer Halloween babysitting marketing plan – that gem earned me my neighborhood title ‘The Pied Piper’.

Creating, teaching, and leading others – it is what I was born to do.

While, I am not always a huge fan of social media there is no denying it has become a leading influence in the way people behave, interact, socialize, communicate, and do business with one another. Social media has forever changed the way we do things – in my 7+ years of freelance writing, blogging, and media experience I have certainly learned a thing or two. While, media can be a real headache it can also be a real blessing.

I have met so many wonderful people over the years – friendships have been made and countless partnerships alike have been made possible through this crazy noisy world of social media. That said, the road to building an authentic online presence sadly does not come easy and it certainly does not always bring out the ‘pretty’ in us. Living in a noisy world with everything in our face all the time has opened many doors for the ugly comparison and jealousy monster in all of us to enter – yes, even in the most well intentioned of persons.

Here’s the thing – be you, be authentic, and take small steps daily. We are all unique and have special gifts to offer. There has never been another you that has walked this planet and there will never be another. Don’t waste your time, energy, and money trying to be like someone else. Just be you!

This blog is a place for you to join #myhappyhomestead as we seek the good life; through intentional living, practical parenting, leaving a legacy, and pursuing work that matters.

It is a chance for you to join us on this crazy journey called ‘life’ – from city roots to country boots.

It is a place to inspire, empower, and encourage you to make your tomorrow dreams today’s reality; find your passion, seek your purpose, live simply, and make a difference.

It is not where I will flood you with ‘business building’ and advertising {unless I see fit and useful to you}.

But, if you are or you know someone who is a Mom, Dad, Entrepreneur, MomPreneur, or small business owner trying to expand their business into the worldwide web? Feel free to share this post. I would love to chat!

Are you a direct sales consultant stuck in a rut and struggling to reach beyond your circle of friends? Or are you just down right confused with all of this online “sharing” stuff and would prefer to have someone else sit in the “online” drivers seat?

Lets work together and build your online presence. Get your business noticed in this noisy online world!

Proper integration and execution of all aspects of marketing is essential for optimal performance. Stay connected to your target market 24/7, build your online presence, increase customer service, educate your clients, and Lets BE Social!


How Blogging Helped Me Find My Passion

How Blogging Helped Me

For those of you who have been around this space for awhile you may to may not remember ‘why’ I first started this blog. Remember the day’s of no, and I do me ‘NO” sleep – the days of food sensitive children, sensory issues, and nursing babies.

Some of that hasn’t changed much as we still have food issues although, not nearly what they once were. Praise God! I ‘do’ still have children who wake but, they all sleep in big kid beds now and mommy just snuggles up next to them – gone are the day’s of sleeping vertically on a couch blogging at 2AM. Why do I share this, because years later I am still here – blogging and writing.

It was those very years of blogging and writing to simply ‘pass time’ that have helped me find my passion. I have taught myself skills and worked at a craft I never knew I had any interest in pursuing. Trust me,  you can learn a lot about yourself when you are up for 15-20 hours a day – 7 days a week. {By the way I am not encouraging nor advocating you do that.} God got me through those long days and nights – and, truly no one in their right mind would ‘choose’ to do such. I was in survival mode –

It was during those same dark nights and through my 7+ years of (on and off) blogging that I have learned – I love to write and love ministering to others using my words. I have also learned a great deal about technology, HTML codes, graphics, and media. {My middle school computer teacher Mr.Belf would be so incredibly shocked – friends, I could lock a computer like the best of them; and yes, it was the stone ages so, words like “YAHOO” made not an oodle of sense to me.} Most importantly though, through all of this I have learned the desires of our heart, the timing of our days, and the season which we are in are all tiny pieces to a much bigger picture.

The days and nights that were simply spent ‘passing time’ were a piece to a much bigger picture – one I venture to say even I have only seen glimpses of- a picture of a future story left untold.

Tell me, what pieces are being put together for your story?

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1 Up 1 to Go!

I’m off and running well I wouldn’t say running its sort of like at a snails pace. I got this crazy idea to make little girl hair bows and accessories and on the same day I thought I would start a dog bakery too! Yep, God has done it again (made me lose my mind)!!

Well, my business adventures started about 3 weeks ago and has proceeded to go something like this;

Research a bit in the mornings (wee mornings I might add!) on materials, licensing, pricing, etc.

* Jot down notes during the day in between changing diapers, feedings, playing, laundry, etc.

* Order supplies , send of for licensing, get websites up and going….

* And we are nearing production of both business…

Now that I would say is some major discipline or divine intervention.

I have always wanted something of my own and have waited for something to fall miraculously from the sky …Well, let me be the first to say “it isn’t going to happen”! If you are like myself, and have longed for something; all I can say is take a leap of faith, dive into what you know, and hold on for the ride!!

My main focus in all of this is my family. I am not doing either business to get rich: simply to supplement, support, and help guide my family along while having the flexibility to be with my children. I will continue to keep my ears and eyes pealed for new adventures that might be thrown my way in the future. For now I’m just going to trust God hasn’t really made me lose my mind and hope to make enough to continue to stay home with my kids (o.k and maybe secretly to homeschool in the future…:)

Be sure to check out my new KiddieBowTique and I will post the dog bakery up soon!! If you have a business you have been dreaming of or one that you have started I would love to hear about it!!