O’Tiny Little One!!

“O’Tiny Little One”, So Itty-Bitty and Small

What big lessons you have taught us all…
life is not measured by the breaths we take..
but rather by those we touch along our way!!

We all have a story to open and unfold….

Someday we will meet our Heavenly Father…
and then the questions left unanswered may then be told!!

“Little Angel” up above…
you are our shining light…
you are the star we pray towards at night!!

“Please Mommy, do not cry!”

“I am here with you always and forever..
until someday, we will be together!”

There are no guarantees in life…
but some things hold true…

“Little Angel” up above this much I can speak of you..
Your Mommy and your Daddy love you very much too!!

Until we meet again little one, so tiny and so small!!

Love, Aunt Jenny

K. Bear is “1” Today!!

My baby is “1” today!!! With this comes much joy, excitement, and sadness…..a true milestone, a mark of new beginnings and past reflections. We are certainly enjoying our little “Boo”!!

Her spunky attitude, her huge smile that can fill a room, her sassy jabber, her big brown eyes with gorgeous eyelashes, and so much zest for life you can’t help but want to squeeze her!!

As I reflect back on this day 1 year ago…I remember it like it was yesterday:
an unplanned Dr’s appointment around lunch time….(midwife “maybe we’ll have a baby”….me “NO, we WILL have a baby today”)

Walk a few stairs at home….put Pumpkin down for a nap…make some zucchini bread (contracting for 2 hours every 2-10 min)..hmmm is this labor? Call hubby….put him on alert. Hubby works a full day comes home…..says “well, your water didn’t break yet!”

NOTE: We were waiting for my water to break since that is what signaled “baby is coming” the first go around…contractions every 2-10 min was not a sign to me…just a nuisance!! 🙂

Feed Pumpkin dinner…call midwife…off to the hospital….

contractions…STOP!! What? How can this be? Walking the halls…missing my little one at home…Nonna brings her up so she can walk the halls with mommy :)…

Midwife; “how about you hop in the shower for a bit to get things moving” Me; “I hated, HATED the shower with my first delivery” ….this time LOVED IT!! Hopped in at around 10:00ish….out about 10:45 …..hardly standing, gripping the wall…

The Nurse; “sweetie, you want your epidural?” inching my way to the bed….checked….almost complete….prep the room….hustle and bustle about me…trying to breath…no epidural here….and baby came in 1 hour from the time I got out of the shower!! “ITS A GIRL”

Moving forward:
Boo loves her Mommy, loves to play with Daddy, and can’t get enough of her big sissy!! Miss Independent….wears more food than she actually eats, will nurse until she 5 if I let her (not happening by the way…any tips on weaning I’d love them!!), has 3 teeth (4 on the way), says “Mama, Dada, o’wow, waves “hi” “bye”, uh-oh, yum (um), stands on everything, climbs everything, and loves toilet paper!!

Will Boo be our last baby? I do not know…a question asked daily by friends, family, and even myself…but what I can say is she is a true joy, a blessing, Gods gift, and I can’t imagine my life without her!!!


So my littlest wide eyed wanderer didn’t think that sleep was needed for mommy last night. Another sleepless night! We’re up, we’re down, we’re fed, we’re changed, what more could you want? Just sleep sweet baby. That is what I kept thinking as I literally slept walked into K. Bears room last night 100+ times. I had no idea how little sleep one could actually live on until I had kids.Now imagine those BIG eyes looking at you at 1:30 AM!!