Busy Busy

Well we have been busy learning over here and not so much posting lately but here are a few of the fun things that we have done this past week or so…

Pumpkin colored a picture of a chipmunk and learned about the letter “C”. We practiced cutting, coloring in the lines, and building the chipmunk puzzle. She was very proud of her masterpiece!

The shaving cream on a cookie sheet was a big hit! The cool feeling on our hands and the smell good fresh scent when we were done made it all the more enjoyable. We practiced circles, squares, and smiley face drawings in the shaving cream.

Our new mitten match file folder game was lots of fun. Although I think Mommy spent more time cutting out the pieces than it took Pumpkin to velcro the matching mitten. We are very good with shapes we still need some work on our numbers and letters though.

We had a little visit with Great, Great, Grandma and learned about family. Yep, she is a 100!! The best part of this visit was watching how a attentive a 3 year old could be to a 100 year old womens needs. Pumpkin was helping Great, Great Grandma close a box of chocolates. Of coarse after eating one with her!
And then there would be the never ending snow and chilly temps around here. We have gotten out to enjoy the white stuff a few times and sledding was a BIG hit with the little dare devil herself.

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