A Mothers Purse!!

A few weeks back I was cleaning out my purses (yes, plural) and I got to thinking…..

as my husband walked in the room saying; “are you are still doing that? I can’t believe you had all ‘that’ in there!” A mothers purse is like a black hole; it is a story waiting to be told, and is a common denominator that so many of us carry.

We have that first bouncing baby and can’t wait to bring that diaper bag with us everywhere we go…everything is packed in it but the kitchen sink. We pack extra clothes, diapers, wipes, pacifiers (sterilized of coarse), bottles, cups, a snack for mom…you name it mommy’s got it!!

Then, baby number 2 comes along we are determined to lose the bag altogether or at least “shrink” it!! A diaper, a baggie of wipes, 1 outfit for the youngest one (praying the oldest doesn’t have an accident), a snack for the older sibling, and our wallet….bam we are out the door!!

I can honestly say something happens between 1, 2, 3 + kids…the mother becomes wiser? Or is it we just rely more on faith….boy do I pray a lot when I walk out the door these days 🙂

Dear God,
I brought 1 diaper (although, Im carting around 2 in diapers) a few wipes, 1 snack to share, a sippy cup for the first one who asks, and 1 extra outfit in case someone needs it “boy, I hope it fits”….and no toys for entertainment “we are walking entertainment!” Yep, 6 months pregnant, a 4 yr old going on 14, a 18 mo old comedian, and my friends 9 mo old (Peaches) that I babysit for daily…who needs toys?. People really do try to figure out how I gave birth to all of these children….it is hysterical!! O’yes, dear God…I almost forgot ….please keep us safe on this adventure today and pray that I make it back in time for naps!!!

I might add….I really do go out packing just enough in a purse (not a bag) for 3 kids!!!

However, my favorite stories are the untold ones lying in the bottom of my purse…a 1/2 eaten sucker stuck on the bottom, the loose change because I certainly didn’t have enough hands to put the money back where it belongs, the 100s of receipts, the random sock someone decided they no longer wanted to wear, the 12 pony holders because heaven forbid they keep them in their hair, the hand sanitizer, the paci (certainly not clean..at this point), a random book, and did I mention the 30 wrappers from snacks I swore I would never buy just to keep my kids quiet in a store!!!

So next time you look at your purse and think….”What a mess!!!” Just think of all those untold stories of your little ones!!

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  1. Nina Bunk says:

    i am so with you on that!! i just did a clean out the other day, i had a gumball, smarties wrapper, i think 30 receipts, tons of loose change, a hat, and 4 lip glosses!

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