A Day at a Time

When we decided to go gluten and dairy free for K.bear we saw results almost instantly. Therefore, keeping up with the life changes we implemented were quite simple to accept. However, not all people can or will see results that quickly making a commitment to change ones former way of eating may at times seem like an impossible task. If you and your doctor feel that making a complete diet make over is necessary and a good option then; I encourage you to stick it out through the long haul. I know it is hard and can be expensive. However, if food is your enemy then food is also part of your solution.

Our bodies did not become overloaded  over night. Years of build up in our systems are just now being passed onto our future generations. I’m afraid we are just at beginning of discovering how severe the many years of convenience and overly processed foods have been on our bodies. When combined with increased pesticide and environmental pollution the havoc our bodies have endured is now showing its face. With the increased cancer statistics, autism rates, tumors, mental health disorders, celiac disease, childhood allergies, diabetes, and blood pressure it is paramount that we go back to our roots. You might need to dig deep to find your perfect solution but going back to the way our great ancestors once did I think is a great place to start. The deterioration didn’t happen in a day so it is unreasonable to expect to see results in a day. It may take time and patience, but if you are having problems and searching for answers then  it is a good assumption that a commitment is going to be needed. The key to healing is time; the healing is your health and your future. (Tweet That)

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