1 Up 1 to Go!

I’m off and running well I wouldn’t say running its sort of like at a snails pace. I got this crazy idea to make little girl hair bows and accessories and on the same day I thought I would start a dog bakery too! Yep, God has done it again (made me lose my mind)!!

Well, my business adventures started about 3 weeks ago and has proceeded to go something like this;

Research a bit in the mornings (wee mornings I might add!) on materials, licensing, pricing, etc.

* Jot down notes during the day in between changing diapers, feedings, playing, laundry, etc.

* Order supplies , send of for licensing, get websites up and going….

* And we are nearing production of both business…

Now that I would say is some major discipline or divine intervention.

I have always wanted something of my own and have waited for something to fall miraculously from the sky …Well, let me be the first to say “it isn’t going to happen”! If you are like myself, and have longed for something; all I can say is take a leap of faith, dive into what you know, and hold on for the ride!!

My main focus in all of this is my family. I am not doing either business to get rich: simply to supplement, support, and help guide my family along while having the flexibility to be with my children. I will continue to keep my ears and eyes pealed for new adventures that might be thrown my way in the future. For now I’m just going to trust God hasn’t really made me lose my mind and hope to make enough to continue to stay home with my kids (o.k and maybe secretly to homeschool in the future…:)

Be sure to check out my new KiddieBowTique and I will post the dog bakery up soon!! If you have a business you have been dreaming of or one that you have started I would love to hear about it!!


  1. Sugar and Spice Mommy says:

    Hey Jenny!
    Thanks for the sweet comments! Your ETSY shop is too cute!! Congrats on your new adventure! It is fun to have a creative outlet of your own. My favorite is the cute little ladybug! We are ALWAYS needing bows so we will be ordering soon!! Have a great weekend!

  2. mimi says:

    Hey! That is awesome. You go girl. 2 businesses started, that is wonderful.
    I made dog cookies many yrs ago, we sold them in my parent’s pet shop.
    I’m excited to follow this journey…you will do awesome!

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