A Black Friday Tradition

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For years and I mean long before everyone felt the need to get up early, pull all nighters, stores stayed open on Thanksgiving – years before it was ‘a thing’ my sister and I would go to Sears {because yes, back in the day that was the only/first store open at 5:00AM}

Coffee’s in hand and done with our shopping by noon – it was great!! It was nothing like what it is now. It was going to be our “Black Friday Tradition”. Well, fast forward – stores opened earlier and earlier – more and more people joined our shopping train. And well, the fun was lost {at least for me}.

The original black friday crowds were cheerful, happy, and polite – the crowds these days are rude, tired, cranky, and quite frankly should stay home if  they don’t like standing in line. {I’m not bitter – just being honest.}

We have let greed and materialism ruin a good thing – always wanting ‘more’. My sister and I didn’t get up for ‘great deals’- they were ok, but not great. It was the tradition of getting up early, without kids {unless they were nursing baby’s – yes, I really did take my 8 week old out wrapped in a santa outfit} It was Christmas music, coffees, lights, friendship, and togetherness – it wasn’t the arm wrestling match it has become.

And, you might have guessed it the once black friday tradition now lives in our hearts – and this online shopping girl now shops in her pi’s and awaits the next ‘trend’ I can start. 😉

Stay tune to this page as I will be adding “Hot Deals” and featuring “Small Business Favorites“; my promise to you is not to bring you the ordinary but, the extra-ordinary – be a leader and do something a little different this year!

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